Follow the signs ✨

At the Heal your life training a few years back Patricia Crane said something like when you ignore the signs from the universe it will eventually kick you in the butt! 🏃🏽🍑So on friday i got a good firm kick in my fine ass regarding this living situation. I have a thousand and ten times felt that i wanted to live someplace else. I dont know if its the energy of this aptm, this block or what but something has been telling me to move. Well, I’ve ignored it for years (its safe and familiar) so what does mama gaia do? She make sure i hear the sign REAL loud and clear. My landlord knocking the door with a letter that sais the aptm is being sold type of clear.

I freak out and cry my heart out all weekend (we both grew up here so its like leaving the only steady ground weve had for years) but after an hour long healing session today with my friend Stephanie i woke up feeling hopeful. I KNOW this is not the universe fucking with me, i KNOW this is God saying: this chapter is over now baby girl, i got something better in store for you. Trust me.

So thats what i’ll do. I trust the pretty view I’ve always wanted 🌴🌱🌷🌻🌸and the perfect new home with beautiful energies in and around is comming to us easily and effortlessly. 🙏🏽 Thank you God, yet again for always taking care of me and my best interest when im to scared to make the change myself. So, dear past and old aptm thank you for everything and to our future home and all the beautiful chapters to come. I’m ready 💚


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