New things agwan

Last night i think broke a 29 year old spell over my love life.. ☺️My biological father who was my first love, my first heartbreak and the OG «tall, dark and handsome» 😉whos love I’ve so desperately been seeking in all my ex’es, asked me on a date. Apparently he was the healing topic of the week for me, and the universe works in mysterious ways thats for damn sure! 😂 Never underestimate the power of prayer. 🙏🏽He asked me to pick a fine resturant and came with a wrapped in present just like a good date is supposed to do🎁(coz im hella worth it) We talked, laughed, cried and made peace with the past and our differences and i learned a lot of new things about him. I always thought he didn’t love me because i wasnt shown love the way i show love aka the way i believe love «should» (one should never should on oneself btw) be shown, so it’s been a long ass heartbreak that just wouldnt go away. Untill last night, as i was looking into his dark brown eyes and listened to him talk a sense of peace came over me alhamdulilah 🙌🏽 IT IS WHAT IT IS. We are what we are and why did i feel the need to change that? My way of showing love is not the right way (even tho i realize my future hubby would have to show love both physically, emotionally and spiritually coz im one hell of a passionate, emo chick)😂 i forgive him and most importantly myself for letting our situation affect my life and taint all my ex lovers and how i saw them. Im sorry past lovers for seing you thru that filter. Maybe they did love me, i just couldnt recieve that love. I hope and trust this opens up a huge space in my heart for the next «tall, dark and handsome» to arrive in perfect divine time, and allows him to stay this time around. Thank you God. You’re bad ass! 😉 ps: i love you💜#emancipateyourselffrommentalslavery #mercuryretrogradecamethru


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