Curves’n things🍐


Taking a stillphoto of your curves while promoting #bodypositivity and #selflove is one thing but what you do out in the real world is the true test because these curves stay moving! #hasnochillwhatsoever Aint nothing standing still over here when i move around.

Like, when you’re seing someone new whos not having to worry about those types of flaws.. 😏 #annoyinglyfitathletes #helloselfconsciousness 🤔💪🏽⚽️😁🙈 What do you do? Do you keep the top on at ALL times to hide your soft belly, or turn the lights off forgetting all about what you been preaching or do you let yourself be wild and free, flaws and all? Im being tested bruh! Does she practice what she preach? Thats what the universe is asking these days and let me tell you! Im not as confident as i thought i was 😩

I havent had any complaints yet lol, and hopefully there wont be any and if he/she doesnt like your «flaws» they’re not the one for you anywayz so why not show em who you are and what you look like from the get go! I didnt notice what my ex looked like untill after we broke up coz i was so busy loving him, as a whole, and that is how love should be so if you’re letting your soft belly, saggy ass tits and tigerstriped donk out 🍑 and that scares him, he wasnt yours to keep anyway so moral og the story is: do whatever the fuck you wanna do ,whenever you wanna do it lights off, clothes off or whatever floats your goat coz you #savage AF 🐯 (i pray he wont read this and hold me to it tho) 😂😩😂💃🏽 so yeah, luff yuhself. #notetoself


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