«Oh you’ve lost some weight, you look beautiful» Gtfoh..


If ONE more person make a comment about my weight when i’ve gained or lost weight (i gain and loose weight as often as my mood swings) i SWEAR i will fight a bish.👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 Or anyone elses weight for that matter. Can weight be a non motherfucking issue??? People are so fucking stuck on being so fucking skinny and that is NOT most womens natural state for Gods sake. Damn. #thesewhitepplstandardstho 😏How bout we focus on what makes us happy instead? Coz the number on your scale will certainly NOT affect your happiness levels trust me. What make your soul sing? How can we be the best version of ourselves from the inside out? How can we be love? Live love? Whats God wispering in your ear these days? You know important things like that. Ok thats it for today. God bless. Namaste💞


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