No flaws at all

IMG_0556To the girl who think you have to hide your body because it doesnt fit in with what «society» sais is beautiful. Fuck that. There is zero truth to that. It’s consumerism. Greed. Stright up mindfuck so they can make money off of your insecurities. Trust me when i say no one is gonna like you more if you have a pretty face, no cellulites, perfect skin, rock hard abs, long thick hair, pretty nails, white teeth, a flat belly or a fit bum so free yourself and love whatever God blessed you with and focus on the things that truly matter. You dont have to do shiiiiet to fit in. You’re absolutely loveable just the way you are. And let me tell you a lil secret.. It was never about them anyway. It’s about YOU. Your love, self love, is the most important love you can ever recieve. Your soulmate is not gonna love you any more if your belly flat, and the right one is not gonna love you any less because of some stretchmarks, so do you boo. 💝


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